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The extent to which we can provide advice depends on your request and what you would like to invest in processing your request. A single session can be sufficient for a "quick look". If, on the other hand, you are in a life crisis, a single appointment will most likely not do justice to your situation. As part of a coaching that is individually tailored to you, we have the opportunity to fathom the origin of the crisis and to work out a concept together on how you can better manage your crisis.

At this point I would like to expressly point out: astrological consultations or coaching do not replace medical diagnoses or therapeutic treatments. However, they can be used in a supportive manner in order to be able to deal with the causal issues more specifically.



150 - 225 EURO

How did I deserve this? ” Do you know this question when it comes to jobs in which your manager sooner or later turns out to be a choleric? A family in which you have the feeling that you must have been swapped around after the birth as a newborn because you don't seem to fit in with your family at all? Partners or friends who keep playing power games with you or who take advantage of you?


A horoscope analysis can provide answers to these and other questions that you have been looking for an answer to for a long time.

The exciting thing about it: the answer might baffle you.

Paar hält Herzen


from 150 euros

You are happily married, show understanding for your spouse and feel understood by him / her too ... mostly anyway ... okay ... You have a communication problem and your partner wants to just not listening or even running away as soon as you get emotional? Do you feel sadness and anger when your best friend tells you over a regular coffee chat how happy she is in her current partnership instead of being happy with her?

The relationship horoscope consists of two or more horoscopes that are related to each other and provides information about how they interact with each other.



from 150 euros

It was like love at first sight when you stepped onto the balcony of your holiday apartment for the first time and felt at home. Since then, you have not been able to imagine a more relaxing holiday in any other place than there? Perhaps you even met the love of your life there or were you able to establish important contacts there that gave you your professional breakthrough?

If you are looking for this special place, the location horoscope can show you a possible direction.

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